zondag 21 juli 2013

Scared mom this morning :-)

This morning I did scare my mom big time !  I escaped from my crate, hehehe.   She don't understand how I did it and thinks she didn't close my crate properly with her sleepy head...

At 5:40 am she came to let me out to go potty but put me back in the crate afterwards.   Noooo, I wanted to play with Dex !  So, I managed to escape and when she came to get me at 8:00 am, she was surprised of course.  I don’t know if that is good or wrong, but I had fun !

Today is soooo hot outside, to hot, so we stayed all inside today till it cooled down.   And today I’m a week with my new family.  Dex and I become best buddies so far, I wish he wasn’t so possesive of his toys, he takes everyting from me :(   But I like him anyway, I bite in his tail when he does that, haha ;-)
And my right ear is coming up slowly !  :-)
Bye bye, see you next time !

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